Kelso 50-Unit Sunday College Blowout

Most Stunning 50-Unit Blowout Winner Of Year Today

Two College Basketball Teams Of Near-Even Talent And Ability To Win Meet Today And I Am Predicting One Will Destroy The Other In Blowout

Many college basketball conference games are by their nature very competitive and are closer than they should be, regardless of of data, tradition or current form. As noted many times, teams try to put their best foot forward in conference competition, realizing success is the key to making the NCAA Tournament which, after all, is the long-term goal.

Then there is the occasional conference game matching two dead-even teams where one can throw every logical handicapping element out the window—for reasons and situations that exist on the exact day they play—and go for broke.

There are 11 college games on the schedule today—all of them conference affairs—and we have one game being played in a situation that 90% of the time produces blowout winners. I am confident of this and am releasing today’s Personal Best Basketball Club highroller game as a 50-unit play and believe this modest favorite will win by no less than 19-20 points. Win tis one with me for just $40, charged to your major credit card or to Pay Pal.

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