Kelso 175 Unit College Triple Crown Of Year

175-Unit 3-0 College Triple Crown Of Year Breaks Bookmakers Sunday

Right behind my 200-unit College Basketball Game of the Year will be my 175-unit College Basketball Triple Crown of the Year on Sunday. The 17-game card is outstanding, with 14 of the games on national television- contests such as Villanova at Marquette, Michigan State at Maryland and Purdue at Indiana.

There are three games on the schedule where the lines are quite soft and the edges quite large and I will be releasing this 7-bet package with each wager rated 25 units- for me a first. The Triple Crown includes three 25-unit plays, three 25-unit 2-team parlays and a single 25-unit 3-teamer that will return odds of 6-1.

You can win this bet with me for just $50, charged to your major credit card or to Pay Pal Pal. Get the Triple Crown here online or toll free at my office- 1-800-755-2255. Definitely the opportunity for a big-time score.

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