Kelso 2-Team College Underdog Parlay

2-Team College Underdog Parlay Wins Tonight

There Are 55 Games On Tonight’s College Schedule And These Two Conference Games Have Upset Written All Over Them…It’s Time For 40-Unit Parlay

To me it is a stroll through basketball bettor’s paradise when one can find an underdog that has an 80& chance to win straight up. Paradise arrived today with two college underdogs who grade out with an 80% chance to win straight up. They handicap out so strongly I have decided to release them in a 40-unit underdog parlay.

The bet will be 15 units on both winners and then we will put the icing on the cake with a 10-unit parlay. You can get the cash with this special parlay Best Bets Basketball Club  bet for just $15, charged to your major credit card or to Pay Pal.

Better yet get on board for the entire college and NBA basketball seasons for just $150 and save yourself a fortune while winning one. If it better suits your needs, get on board for a week of winners for just $65.

Tonight’s parlay is another opportunity to win a fortune with out spending one. Don’t miss it. We have the winners, and insurance to boot.

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