Kelso 2018 Baseball Best Bets Club


My Best Bets Baseball Club Is Again Having An Excellent Winning Season And Is Proving Once Again

There are two basic reasons my Best Bets Baseball Club is so popular with bettors...
(1) it wins with consistency with modestly-priced favorites and an almost equal number of underdogs and
(2) you truly can win a fortune without betting one. You can get the rest of the season for just $149 and start winning right now.

Baseball betting is misunderstood and ignored by many bettors despite the fact it is by far the easiest sport to beat because all you have to do to win your bet is win the game, i.e. no point spreads. Win the game and cash the ticket. Lay the $120 with the favorite, or collect $110 with a winning underdog in a game. It is as simple as that.

In other words, baseball offers a profit center without equal in the world of sports betting.

As noted above, one can win a lot without paying a fortune and will never lay a big price to do it. The latter is a key ignored by most baseball bettors.

Some handicappers believe it's alright to lay big price to win a little (for instance laying $20 to win $10. That is something I do not do because there are games played every day when one can lay $11 to win $10, or even to bet an underdog, collecting $17.50 for a $10 wager. If you want to bet at the $100 level those figures multiply by a factor of $10

No one in this world has a better grasp of the risk vs. reward factor needed to win money than I do. My formula for picking winners is far more complicated that just going with the best pitcher (half of them get beat almost every day) and includes 12 successful and definitive elements required to get to the winner's circle.

The result is a season of winners based on the fact the handicapping process finds where the risk one takes is quite low considering the reward of winning, I know I can for you and invite you to join my Best Bets Baseball Club today.

The club is my most popular baseball club and is designed to service the needs of serious but modest betters. Clients receive an average of 2 best bets each day and each team must emerge from my 10-point grading system with at least a 75% chance to win.  

Best Bets are released at the, 15 unit, 10-unit and 5-unit levels. Sign up for the rest of the baseball season for just $99 or play for a week of service for $49. Sign up below or call 1-800-755-2255.

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