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It is no accident Major League Baseball is the favorite sport of almost all the highrollers of the world - and I mean the “world” Betting American baseball is so popular in the Asian countries it is the only sport other than horse racing, soccer and cricket bookmakers handle.

Its world-wide popularity comes from the fact one has only to win the game to win the bet. There are no point spreads involved and all wagers are offered on a money line basis. For instance, let us say the favored Chicago Cubs are playing the Cincinnati Reds and that the Cubs are a -140 on the money line. That means, if you bet the Cubs, you must lay $140 to win $100, or $14 to win $10. If you like the underdog Reds, who are +130, you will have to bet $100 to win $130. It is as simple as that.

My Best Bets Baseball Investment Club is my most popular baseball club and is designed to service the needs of serious but modest betters. Clients receive an average of 2-3 best bets each day and each team must emerge from my 10-point grading system with at least a 75% chance to win.  

About 70% of the Best Bets Club releases are favorites, with the remaining 30% underdogs.

Keep in mind since both favorites and underdogs must have a 75% chance to win.   

While I am not going to reveal the 10 elements that I use to pick baseball winners, you can rest assured the teams you receive have most things going for them, especially in the categories of pitching and how well a team is playing right now.

Best Bets are released at the 15-unit, 10-unit and 5-unit levels.

Sign up for the entire baseball season for just $199 and play seven days a week right through the World Series. You can come in for a month trial for $100, or try a week for $60.

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