Kelso MLB Side Total Parlay

I'm Set Go 2-0 Sunday With My Top Side & Total Parlay That Has a 90% Chance To win

There is a full baseball schedule and I have found the one game that sets up perfectly for a side/total parlay and has a better than a 90% chance to win both. We will get the cash in dominating fashion.

My Chairman's Club is my most popular baseball club and is designed to service the needs of serious but modest betters. Clients receive 1-2 plays per day, and my  2-3 Best Bets Club picks as a free bonus each day  About 70% of the releases are favorites, with the remaining 30% underdogs. Keep in mind since both favorites and underdogs must have a 75% chance to win.   

While I am not going to reveal the 10 elements that I use to pick baseball winners, you can rest assured the teams you receive have most things going for them, especially in the categories of pitching and how well a team is playing right now. Chairman Club games are released at the 15-unit, 25-unit and 50-unit levels.

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