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Make the national pastime your personal ATM!

While many bettors take the summer off, I stay hard at work with baseball handicapping, and the result is that when football season comes around, I'm already playing with house money, from all my baseball profits. Enroll in my Chairman's Club baseball program below and I'll do the same for you!

I win at baseball because of the meticulous approach I put in to handicapping each and every game. I know how each hitter fares against the particular pitcher on the mound that night. I know whether each player is hot or cold.  Then I look at other variables - is this game indoors or outdoors and what impact will that have on each player individually and on the game as a whole (winds blowing in or out could make a move on the total our most advantageous play).

With interleague play now going every night, that means knowing which National League teams have a bench player good enough to be an effective DH (if the game is at the American League park) and which American League teams will be hurt the most by their own DH having to either play the field or sit down.

My research database includes critical, but often overlooked information such as an umpire's strike zone - does this umpire's zone favor the pitcher or the hitter? Does he call the high strike or the low strike and what does that mean for this game? This information often leads to winners and I have it at my fingertips. I also access online scouting reports now increasingly available, and it tells me which pitcher is having trouble locating his breaking stuff and what hitter seems just a bit slower with the bat in the hot summer months. Though information like this is not "secret" it is not something average bettors have either the time nor the inclination to pore through. I love doing it work on behalf of my clients to ensure that it finds us winners.

With up to 15 games on the board EVERY NIGHT, why do so many bettors go into hiding during the summer? I know the answer is that many don't like to bet on (or understand) the moneyline. But in fact, the moneyline is our best friend!

Let's start with a brief primer on how it works, for those who don't know. If the Los Angeles Angels are favored over the Cleveland Indians, the moneyline might post the Angels as (-130) favorite, with the Indians as (+120) underdog. That means if you wish to bet the Angels, it takes a wager of $130 to turn a profit of $100. If you want the Indians, you need only bet $100 to make a profit of $120. Consider the implications of this…

  • If you like the favorite, all you need to do is win the game. The result is a lot of games with easy money at minimal exposure.
  • If the situation is ripe for the underdog, there's an extra monetary benefit for getting it right - unlike football or basketball, where the outright upset is not rewarded any more than a non-victory pointspread cover.
  • And don't overlook the fact there is no vig to pay on losing bets. The house advantage comes from the difference in moneylines, reflected in the example above. While I don't make a habit of losing, it sure adds up not to pay that extra 10 percent! Especially over the course of a long season when we're in action every night.

The daily action is the biggest advantage. We can keep hitting your man over and over, and when you're on a hot streak there's nothing like continuing to go back to the well every night. And as my record over the years, including last season and the start of this season demonstrate, I draw richly from that well!


You will note that there is only one game released each night. This fits the Chairman's Club philosophy, one of my three services.

I use a 10-point grading system to evaluate each game on the board, a system that incorporates the moneyline risk/reward opportunity into it. When a game reaches the 85 percent level, it is a Chairman's Club play.

There is a level both just above and just below Chairman's Club. Games that grade at 75-84 percent are for my Best Bets Club. The lower threshold means there are more games and they serve clients who place a high value on being in action on multiple games each night. When a play reaches 95 percent, it becomes a Personal Best play - this club is for highrollers who don't mind having just a handful of games each week to bet, but want to wager their max when they step in.

Chairman's Club games are rated anywhere from 25-50 Units and they are for the client who may not be a "highroller", but is still a very serious player who wants to focus his bankroll on a single game per night.

So let's get started! Sign up today and get winning baseball action tonight, and all the way through the playoffs and World Series. Plus my BEST BETS CLUB Baseball selctions are FREE as a bonus, that 1-3 more unit-rated selections every day!

You can enroll today for just $349, a fraction of the thousands that the historical record tells you we're going to win. Ready to join me? Excellent. Now let's go get the money.

You can also sign up for a month's trial for only $125, or play by the day for $29.

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