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Do you want only the best games to bet on? Are you a serious player, prepared to focus your bankroll on a single game and aim for a profit of thousands of dollars on your bets? If that describes you, than my Personal Best Baseball Club is for you.

Every game I release at the Personal Best level grades out with a 95 percent chance to win, based on 10 elements I use to handicap games - a criteria honed over forty years-plus of baseball betting.

I offer three different levels of service to my clients based on their betting needs and budget. My Best Bets Club is meant for a player who loves to be in action at the recreational level. These players like to bet and win 2-3 games a night at modest amounts. One level higher is my Chairman's Club, geared for players who are more profit-oriented and want to focus on one game per night.

At a level even higher than that is the crème da la crème - the Personal Best. It's the best play on the card that night and it's even more than that - because it's a play that must have a 95 percent chance to win and because clients of this service require only the best, I only release 3-4 Personal Best games per week. Truly, my Personal Best is the very best.

All games will be rated from 50 units to 100-units. On the days there are no qualifying games, Personal Best clients will receive Chairman's Club games.

The success of this club for highrollers has its foundation in the risk vs. reward element and the risk must be 1 and the reward at a 9. That ratio is so powerful it almost guarantees one can make a fortune during the baseball season.

The fortune is there waiting for you and you can win it for just $149 and play right through the final game of the World Series. or play day-by-day for $25.  I simply encourage you to get on board and join me for the pennant race.

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