Kelso 50-Unit Interleague Game of the Week

Going For 3rd Straight Game Of Week Winner Tonight

Last Night I Won My 50-Unit AL Game Of The Week And That Followed Monday’s 50-Unit NL Winner And Tonight Its 50-Unit Interleague Winner

The Tampa Bay Rays took down the American League Game of the Week with a 5-2 (+110) money line win over the Detroit Tigers for a solid 50-unit bet. The night before I cashed a 50-unit National League Game of the Week win with San Francisco Giants (-118) who knocked off the Chicago Cubs, 2-1. And tonight I have found the perfect spot to cash my 3rd straight 50-unit ticket on my Interleague Game of the Week.

The team I am releasing tonight is playing its best baseball right now and, just as Rays pitcher Ryne Stanek was last night, the team’s picture is ready to pitch his best game of the season. I am again looking for a dominating win and you can take down the cash with me for the special summer savings price of just $20, charged to your major credit card or to Pay Pal.

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