Kelso 7-0 Friday Baseball TRiple Crown

It’s Time For This Week’s 7-0 Triple Crown

My Best Bets Club Has Made A Small Fortune With My Weekly Triple Crown Plays And Intend To Crush Bookmakers With Another One Tonight

There are three teams on Friday’s 15-game schedule that grade out with better than a 90% chance to win and am taking advantage of the opportunity to win another Major League Baseball Triple Crown. This is the perfect opportunity to bury your bookmaker.

The Triple Crown gives one an opportunity to win seven bets without spending a fortune to do so. Here is how it works,

  1. Win straight bets on the three games.
  2. Win three 2-team parlays.
  3. Win one 3-team parlay.

The best bets will all be 15-unit plays and it will be your choice to how much you want to bet on each parlay. You can take down the cash today for just $15

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