Kelso 2018 Preseason and September Football

Kelso Sturgeon invites you to
Explode At The Snap!

Beginning with the Pre-Season HOF Game, Aug. 2nd Ravens vs Bears

A winning pre-season could mean a record breaking regular season because the profits you make in August can be turned around 5-6 times by December.

Start your season not just with one bang but with nine!

  • My 100 unit NFL Pre-Season Game of The Year
  • My 50 unit NFL Pre-Season Upset Game of the Year
  • My 100 unit College Kick-off Game of the Year
  • My 100 unit College game of September
  • My 50-unit September College Shocker
  • My 50-unt NFL Thursday Prime Time Play of the Month
  • My 100 unit NFL September Game of The Year
  • My 50-unit NFL Monday Night Game of the Month
  • FREE Baseball selections

August and September are the easiest time to win and nobody wins more explosively than I do – because nobody knows what I know.  I'm resolved to make this the best season you ever had.  I'm on a learning curve that has no end and over the last 4 decades I have put smiles on hundreds of thousands of faces .  I will not stop trying until I have put big dollars in your pockets. I'll prove it to you by giving you my Best Bets Club selections for August and September just $150, or sign up for the full season now at the early bird price of $199.  All subscriptions include the above bonuses a $500.00 value!

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