Kelso 2018 Best Bets Club Football

In A World Where The Score Is Kept With Money,
There Is One Man You Want On Your Side.


The man who has upgraded football betting to an investment-quality business.

The question is NOT can Vegas be beaten. 
The question is how much, how big, how far and how fast.

Members of my Best Bets Club are coming off the ninth winning season in the last ten years...last year going 85-54-4 for 61%. Hundreds of my players have seen their football earnings rise proportionately!

If you want to multiply your money I can give you the rate of climb you want because I have the games you need!

Football is my turf. Having played, recruited, and scouted in the SEC, and having as my mentors such greats of the game as Alabama's immortal Paul "Bear" Bryant, and Chiefs' Hall of Fame coach Hank Stram, and Dallas Cowboys Hall of Famer Randy White. I learned the fundamentals of who can beat who, and my early training has never stopped paying off. My 41-year record of success may be the longest in the business – And I'm inviting YOU to cash in on it!

Because from now on, with my Best Bets to guide you, there is nothing stopping you from ultimate success.
And I invite you to join me this season! Here’s what you are going to get.

  • The Entire College Football Season, with an average of 2 unit-rated plays each Saturday
  • The Entire NFL Season, with an average of 2 games each Sunday
  • Monday & Thursday Games are also included

You can get all of this for just $149

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More About Kelso Sturgeon...

  • Author: “The Complete Guide To Sports Betting” (Harper & Row)
  • Authored over 1,000 articles on handicapping
  • Former AP Regional Sports Editor
  • Profiled in: Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Chicago Tribune, and Washington Post
  • Creator of the “World Series of Handicapping”
  • Only sports handicapper to ever address the United States Congress on the subject of sports handicapping.
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