Kelso Chairmans Club Football 2018


One Super Game Saturday, One Super Game Sunday (+ Mon-Thurs)

Another season of college football and the NFL continues to provide GREAT OPPORTUNITY for those football bettors who are serious about making money, I am reaching out to you with a SPECIAL NEWLY REDUCED PRICE OFFER on my Chairman's Club program. The club is so-named because my peers in Las Vegas handicapping have given me the nickname "The Chairman of the Board", in view of having consistently delivered winners in the cutthroat world of 11/10, over a forty-year career. But more important than what I've done in the past, is what I've continued to do in the present and plan to do again in the 2018 college & NFL seasons.

Ask yourself, how many public handicappers can say they've played college football, and scouted in the SEC? How many handicappers learned the game from great Hall of Fame coaches like Alabama's Bear Bryant and the NFL's Hank Stram, and still transitioned into the new high-tech world that handicapping has become? I am so well-respected in the gaming arena, I've been invited to testify before the United States Congress on the subject. I have also authored of The Complete Guide To Sports Betting, (Harper & Rowe).

To me, complete analysis of a football game means poring through statistical data to uncover the numbers that are beneath the surface. For example, if one team has a receiver who is particularly good with getting yards after the catch, how effective is the opposing defense at limiting those yards? Does one team's running game have a clear orientation to a certain side of the field - and if so, how is the opposing defense on that side?

A successful handicapper reviews past games with the eye of a coach - does a left tackle have the lateral movement to block a certain outside linebacker on a blitz? These are individual matchups that vary with each game, that aren't easily noticeable through stats - and yet they decide ATS winners every single week. My background gave me the necessary foundation to do this work. It's my passion for football and my desire to win that drives me to continue doing it, week-in and week-out. With a standard week of football offering 55-60 college games and 13-16 NFL games, this type of analysis is beyond the scope of the average bettor and beyond the expertise levels of many handicappers. That leaves an edge there for the one who does his homework and knows what he's doing.


The advance of technology and ever-more sophisticated use of computer algorithms were a boon to savvy handicappers and they continue to be so. All that information that used to be compiled by notes, can now be entered into a program with thousands upon thousands of simulations run at the press of a key. Now, when computerized power ratings are generated, they can encompass so much more than just a rough outline of points scored vs. points allowed, with some tweaks for homefield advantage and maybe strength of schedule. The ability to enter in data on individual players allows the handicapper who really knows how to watch and study football (as opposed to merely crunch numbers) more outlets for creative thinking and analysis. The tech revolution has given us more ways of gathering information and more means for processing information. Taken collectively, that adds up to winners and profits.


A Chairman's Club member is a serious player - they don't want their action spread among a wide range of games. A Chairman's Club member is interested in the one game that deserves the complete attention of their bankroll, on both Saturday and Sunday. It's the Crème de la Crème of bet worthy games. My focus is simple - what game is worth rating 25 to 50 Units on? Sometimes that's a national TV game, other times it's an under-the-radar matchup. But it is always a game that you can bet with confidence, knowing it's been thoroughly vetted and that I am betting it myself.

This is what being a member of my Chairman's Club entitles you to...

  • One 25 To 50 Unit College Game Every Saturday
  • One 25 To 50 Unit NFL Game Every Sunday
  • Weeknight Games That Measure Up To Chairman's Club Standards


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