Kelso Personal Best Football 2018

I want to thank you for your interest in my Top-of-the-Line Personal Best Football Investment Club. The club is designed specifically for those who want the the best, the game I'm making my biggest bet TOP GAME Saturday and TOP GAME Sunday, rated from 50 units to 200 units.

My goal for this season is again to win at least 75% of all my college releases and 70% of all NFL games—and believe me those figures will make you more money that you ever dreamed possible.

Before releasing my Personal Best Game of the Day, here is a quick synopsis of the handicapping process:

  • A detailed analysis, position-by-position, of the defense, with heavy emphasis on the secondary and how it has fared in the past against opposing receivers and quarterbacks.
  • A detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each starting quarterback and how he has fared in the past against the defense he faces today, with special emphasis on his effectiveness on 3rd down, long and short.
  • The quickness, cohesion and experience of the offensive line and just how long, or how many games, these guys have started side-by-side.
  • The side-line ability of the coaches, i.e. the proven ability to quickly change the game plan once it is obvious it is now working.

PERSONAL BEST FOOTBALL INVESTMENT CLUB releases are investment grade games and if you want a low risk way to break the bank, I suggest you join up today and start winning.

Here Is What You Receive When You Join My Personal Best Football Investment Club

  1. All Games of the Month, rated 50 units.
  2. All Games of the Year, rated 100 up to 200 or even 300 units.
  3. Weekday NFL games, plus some college mid-week games when they grade out at the Personal Best level.
  4. My Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot

Saturday 11/3 - Iowa State (-13) over Kansas - 27-3 WIN
Sunday 11/4 - Saints (+2) over Rams - 45-35 - WIN
How To Join And What It Costs For The RemaininSeason

How To Join And What It Costs
For The Remaining 10 Weeks Of The Season

Sign up for my Personal Best Football Investment Club on this site today for just $399 for the entire season. This is your opportunity to win more money than you have ever won. if you want to try me for a month, that's $199. You can also play by the day for $50.

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