Kelso 50-unit National League Game of the Week

50-Unit National League Game Of Week Wins Today

Highrollers Win Again To Push August Big Game Record To 9-2 And Should Get It Done Again Today With NL Team That Has 95% Chance

Bettors have the opportunity today to win my 50-unit National League Game of the Week with a team that has the potential not only to win but to do that in dominating blowout fashion. My figures say this team grades out with a 95% chance to win. Bookmakers are offering a betting line on this game that indicates it will be a close affair but it won’t be. The team I am releasing should run off and hide from its opponent.

For the record I am 9-2 in 100-unit and 50-unit highroller plays in August and am confident I will take down the big money again today.

The the team I am releasing has all the edges and the betting line on that team all but demands we step in an go for the big money. I am doing just that and you can win my Personal Best Baseball Club 50-unit National League Game of the Week for just $20, charged to your major credit card or to Pay Pal.

Highrollers 9-2 In August
8/11…50 Units…Cardinals (-150) 8, Royals 3 (Won)
8/10…100 Units…Phillies (-140) 0, Padres 2 (Lost)
8/9…50 Units…Red Sox (-160) 5, Blue Jays 8 (Lost)
8/8…50 Units…Red Sox (-140) 10, Blue Jays 5 (Won)
8/7…Cardinals (-140) 3, Marlins 2 (Won)
8/6…Cubs (-1.5 Runs -130) 3, Royals 0 (Won)
8/5…50 Units…Mariners (-150) 6, Blue Jays 3 (Won)
8/4…100 Units…Indians (-1.5 Runs -125) 3, Angels 0 (Won)
8/3…50 Units…Rangers (-160) 11, Orioles 3 (Won)
8/2…50 Units…Nationals (-1.5 Runs -130) 10, Reds 4 (Won)

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