Kelso Sturgeon Big-3 Football Profit Pack

Las Vegas Handicapper Kelso Sturgeon’s Big-3 Football Profit Pack

The picks from my 3 best-performing clubs that make the most money year after year and are doing terrific now

Personal Best Bets (+170 units)
Chairman's Club (+125 units)
Best Bets Club (+100 units)

So far this season $100 per-unit players would be up $39,500, and $50 per unit players $19,750. It's time we took a BIG-STEP FORWARD by boosting your profits to a level they have never reached before.

Each club brings a specific handicapping strategy. Using my exclusive power ratings, point spread history past performances, lookahead or letdown scenarios…and of course information I receive from oddsmaker friends at the sportsbooks in town. I put hundreds of pieces information plus my own in depth analysis to rate all my selections.

The benefit of having all 3 clubs is you’ll receive up to 5-6 games every Saturday and Sunday. That’s 2-3 Best Bets, 1-2 Chairman’s Club, and the Personal Best Bet. Monday and Thursday selections will be designated from one of these clubs.  

PERSONAL BEST FOOTBALL CLUB - A club designed for more serious bettors who are looking for the BEST Play each Saturday & Sunday, and other 50, 100, and 200-unit plays. Includes Games of the Week, Month, and Year - Top of the Line Because The Personal Best Is The Best Of The Best In Football.

CHAIRMAN'S FOOTBALL CLUB - My CHAIRMAN'S CLUB PLAYS must grade out with a minimum 70% chance to win and cover the number to qualify for play, with that percentage determined by the most sophisticated projection formula in the business. One (sometimes two) plays every Saturday and Sunday, rated 25-50 units.

BEST BETS FOOTBALL CLUB - Just a notch below the Chairman’s Club…These bread and butter plays win like a $500 service. An average of two 10-to-15 unit plays, and MNF TNF when they measure up.

Take this opportunity to play all three clubs at one low, all-included price of $995 for the entire season.

  • You can have this deal for 4 weeks for only $250.
  • If you're a spot player, and would rather play by the day, your cost is only $65!

Think of it: three winning services in one package at a price you could win back in your very first week. This is your chance at a multi-thousand $$$ season.

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