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I Have Been Working The Las Vegas Sports Books The Past 5 Days, Listening In An Attempt To Gain Information That Will Produce A Winner—And I Scored Big Time

I never apologize to the insiders and wiseguys for eavesdropping on them. They steal my information and I figure what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I hit the jackpot on Friday when I stood just outside a huddle made up of one of the biggest and sharpest football bettors in Las Vega, and his beards. They were making preparations to send it in on a single NFL game today that they believe will be a blowout.

I toyed with the idea as to whether to release this game as a 50-unit or 100-unit play but decided to let you decide. There is no question in my mind this guy is right and you can send it in on this team. Just $25

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