Kelso 50-Unit NFL Game Of Week

NFL Game Of Week Should Be Sunday’s Easiest Winner

When A Team Is In The Right Spot, Is Playing In The Right Circumstances, Is Being Offered With A Soft Number And Is Strong Where It’s Opponent Is Weak It Means Another 50-Unit Winner

Personally, I hesitate to use the expression, “easy winner”, but there are a few times each season it is appropriate to do just that and today presents one of those rare times. There is a game on the Sunday NFL schedule that fits that description and I am releasing it as my 50-unit NFL Game of the Week. The team that I believe will be an easy winner is…

  1. In the right spot.
  2. Playing in the right situation and circumstances.
  3. Being offered with a soft betting number.
  4. Is quite strong in all the sports its opponent is weak.

To me this all translates into a big winner and you can bet my 50-unit NFL Game of the Week with confidence—go all-in if you wish—and win it with me for just $40, charged to your major credit card or to Pay Pal.

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