Kelso Sunday Conference Championship Triple Play

3-0 Sunday In Conference Championship Games

From The Ivy League Yale) Vs. Harvard To The Big Ten (#6 Michigan State Vs. Arch-Rival,#10 Michigan It’s All On The Line In Six Title Games Today

Six college conference championship games are being played today—all on national TV—with the top teams playing to improve where they will be seeded in the NCAA Tournament and the others (the bubble teams) battling to win and get an automatic bid to the Big Dance. The betting lines are the most accurate we have seen this season and that means all 12 teams have a chance to win and/or cover.

Basketball at its competitive best, for certain.

Regardless of the challenge of winning I have dug deep in analyzing the six games, looking for the little edges that win—and I am confident I have found them in three of the contests.

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