Kelso 40-Unit 2-Team 3-0 AAF Football Parlay

40-Unit 2-Team 3-0 Football Parlay Cashes Today

I Split Yesterday’s AAF Games, Winning With The Under On Memphis-Salt Lake City While Losing With Orlando…Lets Get Big Money Today

The San Antonio Commanders (3-2) and the San Diego Fleet (3-2) are tied for first place in the new AAF football league and should be all-in today to win, but not against each other. San Antonio is a 1.5-point underdog at Atlanta (2-3) and the Fleet is the 5.5-point home choice over the Birmingham Bulls (3-2).

I strongly believe I have the winners of both games and am releasing them in a 40-unit two-team parlay. The bet will be 15 units on both winners along with a 10-unit parlay. Go 3-0 today on these nationally-televised games for just $15.

Sunday AAF schedule

San Antonio Commanders (3-2) at Atlanta Legends (2-3) 4:00 Kickoff…CBS Sports Network

Birmingham Iron (3-2) at San Diego Fleet (3-2) 8:00 EST Kickoff…NFL Network

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