Kelso 50 Unit MLB Highroller Play - Won 5 of 6

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My Personal Best Club For Big Bettors Won Another 50-Unit Play With Cubs Yesterday And Goes For Another One Today…On 5-1 Run

Major League Baseball currently is going through a period of mismatches and those sharp enough to understand that are positioned to make major betting scores as did my highrollers who won another 50-unit power play with the Chicago Cubs (-131), 4-0, over the outmanned Miami Marlins. That win left my big bettors 5-1 with their last six 50-unit games and the are set to collect on another one today.

There is another 50-unit mismatch today and I am again going for the big money and am confident I will get it.

5-1 Last Six 50-Unit Baseball Winners

4/17…Cubs (-135) 4, Marlins 0 (Won)
4/13…Phillies (-150) 3, Marlins 19 (Lost)
4/12…San Francisco Giants (-135) 3, Colorado Rockies 2 (Won)
4/10…Tampa Bay Rays (-155) 9, Chicago White Sox 1 (Won)
4/9…Tampa Bay Rays (-165) 10, Chicago White Sox 5 (Won)
4/7…Los Angeles Dodgers (-155) 12, Colorado Rockies 6 (Won)

The facts are the facts and when the opportunity to steal money shows up, one must go for it. You can win this 50-unit Major League Baseball Play for just $45, charged to your major credit card or to Pay Pal.

If you are a big-time baseball bettor, I suggest you get on board for a season’s membership in my Personal Best Baseball Club and save a fortune. You can sign up for a month for just $375, or for the entire season for just $899.

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