Kelso 40-Unit Baseball Side Total Parlay

40-Unit Baseball Side/Total Parlay Tops 3-0 Wednesday

I Have Been Very Successful With My Baseball Side/Total Parlays This Season And Today’s Schedule Presents An Opportunity To Win Another One

My Chairman’s Baseball Club has gone 2-0 the past two days with two 25-unit underdog winners and shifts gears tonight to go 3-0 with a 40-unit side/total parlay. Everything must be in place for me to go for broke with a challenging bet such as this and tonight that is the situation—a game tailor made for a winning side/total parlay.

The bet will be 15 units on the side, 15 units on the total and 10-units on the parlay, and you can win it all for just $25, charged to your major credit card or Pay Pal.

Better yet, sign up for a season’s membership in my Chairman’s Club for just $450 and play for the entire season. You also can buy in for a month of daily service for $225. CHAIRMAN’S CLUB MEMBERSHIP ALSO GETS YOU ALL BEST BETS CLUB PLAYS EACH DAY.

As a Free sign-up Bonus, I'll give you the entire NBA Playoffs right through the NBA Finals in June.

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