Kelso 50-Unit 2-Team Interleague Parlay

50-Unit 2-Team Interleague Parlay Wins Tonight

I Have Found Two Interleague Games On Tonight’s Schedule That Both Have A 95% Chance To Win And I Am Releasing Them In A 50-Unit Parlay

There ae six interleague games on tonight’s schedule, with two of them grading out with a 95% chance to win, and that means it’s time to make a major score with a 50-unit parlay. Both teams are modestly priced, are playing very good baseball, start pitchers who are at their best and are in the perfect spots to get it done.

Go for it with two 20-unit winners and the 10-unit parlay and knock your bookmaker for a loop. Just $20 for this 3-0 Tuesday, charged to your major credit card or to Pay Pal.

Tuesday’s Interleague Schedule

Mets at Yankees (2 Games)
Reds at Indians
Brewers at Astros
Nationals at White Sox
Dodgers at Angels

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