Kelso 40-Unit Baseball Side Total Parlay

Perfect Spot on Monday's MLB Schedule For A  40-Unit Parlay

You Can Really Sting Your Bookmaker Tonight On A Baseball Game Tailor Made For Winning 40-Unit Side/Total Parlay

There are 11 gameson the Monday baseball schedule and one of those games is screaming for a 40-unit side/total parlay bet. One team in this contest has all the important edges to win and my figures say the total is one of the most obvious of the week. It will be 15 units on the winning side, 15 units on the total and then the 10-unit side/total parlay.

I have been successful with my baseball side/total parlays and am confident I will win another today. Win it with me for just $12, charged to your major credit card or to Pay Pal.

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