Kelso 50-Unit College Game Of Week

50-Unit College Game Of Week - A Winner By 42 Points

When One Team Has Dramatically Superior Talent And Has All The Offensive And Defensive Numbers Working For It, It Means Game Of Week Winner

I am still humbled by the fact I lost my first College Football Game of the Week—a 100-unit play, no less. It was all my fault—simply wrong because I over-rated one team and under-rated the other. To take some of the sting out of that train wreck I then won my NFL Game of the Week the next day. Today I intend to make amends and go for broke with a team that should easily win my 50-unit College Game of the week by at least 42 points.

The team I am releasing as my Game of the Week play has every single important edge—the best offense, a true lockdown defense, one of the best coaches in the business, a proven record against the best and a take-no-prisoners mentally.

The fact this team also has tremendous speed means it should take control early and keep right on marching to the winner’s circle.

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