Kelso Saturday College Football 3-0 Best Bets

Bookie Mistakes Lead To 3 Satuday College Football Winners

The Saturday College Football Card Is Quite Attractive To Bettors, Especially In 3 Games On Which Betting Lines Are Off 7-10 Points

This is just the third week of the college football season and bookmakers are still trying to get caught up on the ability of the more than 150 teams on which we will bet. They are certainly up to date on traditional powers such as Oklahoma, Clemson, Alabama and Ohio State, but what about teams from the MAC, the Mountain West, the Sun Belt and other less popular conferences.

Bookmakers must be current on the more popular teams—the teams that belong to the public—because bad/soft betting lines on any of their games could wipe them out financially. This means before the first games are played these teams are analyzed time and again to make certain the number on them is accurate and hard to beat.

This does not happen with many of the teams from the lesser conferences, and some of them hit the board in each week of August and September with betting lines far afield. Bookmakers simply to not feel vulnerable with lighter betting on these schools and take their time in offering them to the public with accurate current numbers.

That opens the door to big winning edges when one handicaps with a more accurate set of numerical ratings than bookmakers use. We have that situation today, with three games being offered to the public where betting lines are off between 7-10 points.

I am releasing the three games as 15-unit bets and know I have the numbers working for me, plus additional factors. Win all three with me for just $15, charged to your major credit card or to Pay Pal.

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