Kelso Baseball World Series

Astros -220 Favorites To Beat Nationals In World Series

115th World Series Appears To Belong To The Pitchers And I Am Confident I Will Come Out Of The Gate Winning Game #1 Tuesday Night

I am on a 13-4 run in the Major League Baseball playoffs and expect that trend to continue Tuesday night when the American League champion Houston Astros host the National League titlists Washington Nationals in game #1 of the sport’s 115th World Series. This best-of-seven series has all the appearances of one that will belong to the pitchers.

Houston arrived at the World Series after knocking out the Tampa Bay Rays and the New York Yankees. Washington earned this spot with wild card win over the Milwaukee Brewers and then burying the Los Angeles Dodgers and the St. Louis Cardinals.

Houston, with super star right-hander Gerrit Cole on the mound is a -190 or -200 favorite in game one. Cole will be going for his 19th straight win and it is of note Houston has not lost one of the 25 games he has started since May 22. This is not to suggest Washington and right-handed ace Max Scherzer, who is 2-0 with an ERA of 1.80 this post-season, can’t get it done because they can. Like the Astros, the Nats are not an easy out.

All World Series games will be shown nationally on FOX and will begin at 8:05 EDT. If the series go seven games, the game will be played at Houston, where the Astros went 60-21 during the regular season.

As mentioned, I have gone 13-4 with my last 17 playoff games and am confident I will keep right on winning. You can win with me each day for $15 or sign up for the entire World Series for just $49. All major credit cards and Pay Pal accepted.

All games will be released on this website and toll free at my office, 1-800-755-2255.

Pitching Matchups

Tuesday at Houston
For Nationals: RH Max Scherzer (11-7, 2.92 regular season…2-0, 1.80 in playoffs)
For Astros: RH Gerrit Cole (20-5, 2.50 regular season…3-0, 0.40 in playoffs)

Wednesday at Houston
For Nationals: RH Stephen Strasburg (18-6, 33.2 regular season…3-0, 1.64 in playoffs)
For Astros: RH Justin Verlander (21-6, 2.58 regular season…1-2, 3.70 in playoffs)

Friday In Washington
For Astros: RH Zack Greinke (18-5, 2.93 regular season…0-2, 6.43 in playoffs)
For Nationals: LH Patrick Corbin (14-7, 3.25 regular season…1-2, 7.43 in playoffs)

On 13-4 Run In Baseball Playoffs

10/19…15 Units…Astros 6, Yankees 4 (Won)
10/18…15 Units…Astros (-140) 1, Yankees 4 (Lost)
10/17…15 Units…Astros (+122) 8, Yankees 3 (Won)
10/16…Rained Out
10/15…15 Units…Astros (-155) 4, Yankees 1 (Won)
10/15…15 Units…Nationals (-155) 7, Cardinals 4 (Won)
10/14…15 Units…Nationals (-16) 8, Cardinals 1 (Won)
10/13……15 Units…Astros (-155) 3, Yankees 2 (Won)
10/12…15 Units…Nationals (-126) 3, Cardinals 1 (Won)
10/12…Astros (-143) 0, Yankees 7 (Lost)
10/11…15 Units…Nationals (+125) 2, Cardinals 0 (Won)
10/10…15 Units…Astros (-1.5 Runs -130) 6, Rays 1 (Won)
10/9…15 Units…Cardinals (105) 13, Braves 1 (Won)
10/9…15 Units…Nationals (+155) 7, Dodgers 3 (Won)
10/8…15 Units…Astros (-1.5 Runs -150) 1, Rays 4 (Lost)
10/7…15 Units…Rays (+132) 10, Astros 3 (Won)
10/7…15 Units…Nationals (-122) 6, Dodgers 1 (Won)
10/7…15 Units…Twins (+135) 1, Yankees 5 (Lost)

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