Kelso 200 Unit College Football Game of Year

200-Unit College Game of the Year Wins Sat!

The biggest College Football Moneymaker this year

I know big games. I spot the edges, figure the scenario, make my play and get the money. For Saturday, I have found a game so good I HAVE to make it my 200-Unit COLLEGE GAME OF THE YEAR.

"Aren't we a bit early?" Yes. I'm re-writing my own rules. Normally a Game of the Year doesn't happen till mid-November. By then teams have jelled. Emerging stars have developed. Some teams are upsetting the pecking order, but in general we know who can beat who.


I don't see how anything could top what I'm looking at right now. The numbers leap off the page; the style mismatch makes it a clinic. A lookahead-letdown angle makes it a laugher. I have checked in with my Vegas connections and the line is already so bent out of shape, you can safely bet your limit!

I stand 10-2 in these games over the past 12 years and intend to get the money again Saturday. We'll cash the big payoff with a team that meets my five extremely important elements for such strong play

  1. The team I am releasing must be a proven power school meeting a weak team in a game for which the betting line does not reflect this dramatic talent differential.
  2. The team I am releasing must be able to play its worst game while its opponents plays its best game and still have enough of an edge to win and cover,
  3. The team I am releasing must be performing at the top of its game and its opponent at the bottom.
  4. The team I am releasing must have a coach who is well known for bringing his team to the razor's edge for every single game it plays.
  5. The team I am releasing must have a coach who always comes up with a game plan that, whether a favorite or dog, gives his team its best chance to win

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