Kelso Chairmans Club Basketball

When You Need To WIN 4 Out Of 6 Times
...Kelso Sturgeon's Chairman's Club Basketball Service Is A Must Have!

Basketball is all about information. My type of skill set is indispensable to anyone who wants to make money betting basketball, where there are 330 college and 32 NBA teams to account for several times a week. You have to rigorously screen the don-count details and zero in on what wins games: who dominates in the paint and on the boards, who’s got the hot hands, who can dish, who can dunk, who can score off the dribble who can shoot the trey, etc.

My Chairman’s Basketball Club provides a 25-unit (or higher) play every day, and as a bonus – All Members will receive ASOLUTELY FREE a membership in Kelso's Best Bets Club. That's an additional 2-3 Unit rated plays (5,10,15-Units).

Each and Every One of My CHAIRMAN’S CLUB PLAYS MUST GRADE OUT with a minimum 70% chance to win and cover the number to qualify for play, with that percentage determined by the most sophisticated projection formula in the business.

You can join my CHAIRMAN’S CLUB with BEST BET CLUB BONUSES for the entire college and NBA season for just $349, play a month for $175 or play a week for $75.
All major credit cards accepted.

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GAMES POSTED Weekdays after 3:00pm (ET) and Weekends after 11:00am (ET).