Kelso 25 Unit Monday NBA Blowout

Second Straight NBA Blowout Winner Tonight

My Chairman’s Basketball Club Cashed A 25-Unit Ticket Last Night When The Raptors Crushed A Talented Jazz Team 130-110

The line did not make any sense to me yesterday when the Toronto Raptors took the floor as  mere 2.5-point favorites over the Utah Jazz. Had I missed something? How could the Raptors, who were 8-0 at home, get so little respect? When it was over, my figures had held up and Toronto won in a blowout, 130-110. Another 25-unit winner.

We have the same situation in one of the six NBA games tonight and I am going for another 25-unit blowout winner and you can win it for just $15, charged to your major credit card, or to Pay Pal.

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