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Is the bull market economy racing a little faster than you can catch up to it?

It seems all we read about these days are high tech moguls and dot com whizbangs getting rich overnight with unproved ideas - while the rest of us are busting our tails meeting quotas or deadlines or targets or production goals. Do you sometimes get the feeling the better things in life may NEVER be yours?

Well I'm here to tell you it's not so. You don't need an advanced degree from Stanford or Harvard to move up the income ladder. The opportunity to live better is there for all of us. First of all, let me tell you I come from the world of "risk vs. reward". I am a professional handicapper and gambler and I have spent my life seeking opportunities where the reward one can receive from taking the risks far outweighs the risk itself.

Some people find this opportunity in business. I have found it in horse racing and sports betting. I took on the impossible dream and showed it was possible. Now I'm offering the best horse racing selections for bettors and handicappers.

Did you know that had you invested $100 in Microsoft stock back in 1986, $100 would today be worth more than 1.2 million. Or had you invested just $100 in Wal-Mart back in 1974, that $100 would be worth $3.9 million today. It happened. Many people put up a $100 and made millions because they recognized the opportunity these companies presented.

They dreamed the impossible dream - and it happened! In sports betting, The computer group made a $25 million profit betting sports over a two year period, according to Federal Court records. I personally know horse players who make in excess of $1 million a year betting horses. These people have all walked where angels fear to tread - and they made a fortune. Today, I am going to ask you to dream the Absolutely Possible Dream with my proven horse racing selections!


First, a little background.This past June 14 I had the opportunity to become the first and only professional handicapper ever invited to address the prestigious International Conference On Gaming and Risk Taking. This gathering of casino executives and academics from more than 60 countries was spell-bound because I told them something they had never heard before from anyone. I told them that, for the first time ever, "You can win betting sports and horses!"

When I finished, there were not many skeptics left in the room. I proved my point and have since spent hours answering questions from people who want to dream "the possible dream". People attending the conference were stunned and delighted that anyone would dare say you could win serious money betting horses and sports. The proof that one could win was even more powerful and convincing.

Another e-mail arrived just today from a Los Angeles magazine writer who covered the conference who wrote,

"I could have listened for hours. Thank you for opening my own eyes. It was the most refreshing and original presentation of the entire conference."

What most impressed this fine gathering of people was my true belief that you can win tremendous sums of money betting on sporting events and horse races and that, in fact, there no longer exists any legitimate reason for anyone to be a loser.

I am now telling you the same thing, that:

  1. You can win your share of easy money today.
  2. You can do it with just a few dollars.
  3. You will enjoy every minute of it.
  4. You can double and triple your money several times a month.
  5. You can do it betting horses at any race track in the United States.

Every single word you are reading here is true. My new system, The Logical Numbers Game - 2000 will do it all for you. It truly is "The System for the New Millennium".

It does not take a miracle for you to win. You do not have to be a professional horse player to win. You do not have to be an MIT graduate to win. If you can spell "h-o-r-s-e", you can win. It is as simple as that.

I have used more than three decades of living and working with the race horse to devise a seven-step system that will make a winner out of you at any and every race track in the United States. You will absolutely love this system because...

  • It is simple to use!
  • You can handicap an entire 10-race card in less than one hour!
  • It will give you the top play in every race, and it's seldom the favorite!
  • It will give you exactas and trifectas in every race!
  • You can use it at the track, at OTB or at your simulcast facility!
  • If you have a telephone account, it will work right from you home!
  • It produces winners every single day!

The only thing you need to use this system is access to past performances such as those produced in your local track program or Daily Racing Form. The system even shows you with official DRF diagrams how to quickly, easily and efficiently read past performances lines, extracting from them every single thing you need to select the winner of each race.

Track programs are available at your track, as is Daily Racing Form. The DRF is also available at your local newsstands or, if you are one of those who does not like to leave the comforts of home, by computer via the Internet.

I have developed other very successful systems in the past, but none ever as easy to use, or as focused and productive as this one. LNG-2000 will take your handicapping to a new level. Winning was never easier.


As I said earlier, I have spent the last 35 years working with race horses. I know them inside-out, what makes them tick, what makes them win and what makes them lose. I also know why the average horse player can't beat the game.

The experience I drew on to design this system comes from a thoroughbred resume so strong I guarantee only a handful of people in the entire country can match it, but there is more to it than that - and we will get to that issue in a moment.

First of all, and most important, I have done something nobody you know has done - I have bet horses for a living - in New York, the toughest arena in the land - with no other source of income. I tried it for five years just to prove it could be done and I'll tell you right now I never lived better or was happier.

It is a great feeling to get up everyday looking forward to going to work, which for me was Aqueduct, Belmont and Saratoga. Believe me, it was work, but I enjoyed every minute of it - and you will too.

My professional background in horse racing is extensive. I am a former director of public relations at Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby, at Pimlico for the Preakness, at Laurel of the Washington D.C. International, at Arlington Park for some of the greatest racing in history and at Penn National, just to show the world I could put even a bush-league race track on the map.

I worked successfully as a jockey agent for such standout rider as former national riding champion Carlos Barrera, Eclipse Award winning apprentice rider Alberto Delgado and the great stakes rider Vincent Bracciale, Jr. Throughout my career I had the good counsel of such trainers as Hall of Famers Laz Barrera, Horatio Luro, Elliott Burch, Eddie Neloy and such truly great horsemen as national champions Vester "Tennessee" Wright and Howard "Buddy" Jacobson.

I have written hundreds of magazine articles on horse racing, and how to handicap, and am a former editor of the outstanding thoroughbred magazine, Turf & Sport Digest. You heard me for six years as co-host of a Southern California horse racing show from 50,000-watt XTRA-690 in San Diego. You've seen me as a handicapping panelist on many shows, including a six - year run on the nationally televised "Pro Line", which appeared on the USA cable network.

I have seen and lived horse racing from every angle possible and, trust me, I write with authority. Nobody is going to fool me. I know what this game is all about. I know what makes the race horse tick, and win, and lose. I know all the tricks trainers and jockeys play to get prices on their horses.

I even founded the famous World Series Of Handicapping at Penn National and it has become the contest after which all others have been patterned. If it is about the race horse, I know it and I have put it all into what I think is the best horse racing system available anywhere. I call the system "The Logical Numbers Game-2000" or simply LNG-2000.


I am going to share with you a fact that probably will surprise you. Fifty years ago, when there were by today's standards rather primitive past performance lines available to horse players, favorites won just over 40% of the time.

This begs a real question, i.e. if we have so much more information available to us today, with Beyer figures, dozens of new handicapping symbols in past performance lines etc. why does the public pick only 33% winners, or seven percent less than it did when information was scarce? Now, I'm going to take you down another road you have never walked, and I want you to understand something.

Ten years from now, when there is even more information available, the public's win percentage will fall below 25%. You can take it to the bank. I know what I'm talking about. This gradual decline is beginning right now and it means that, within ten years, a horse other than the favorite will win 75% of the time, or three out of four races.

There's a reason for this and I want you to hear it loud and clear. The declining percentage of winning favorites can be traced to three basic factors...

  1. The expanding list of medications horses now receive before their races, most of them being illegal and thus hidden from the public.
  2. The over-racing of the thoroughbred, which seldom gets any time off for rest and relaxation.
  3. The general incompetence of more than 50 percent of all individuals with a trainer's license.

For handicappers, the three items listed above are like mixing gasoline and fire and then dropping a stick of dynamite in for good measure. They literally work together to make it almost impossible for anyone but a backstretch insider to make money betting the horses. At least, that was the case until now.

It is impossible to describe the true negative weight of medication, over-racing and trainer incompetence. But there is no question it is the reason, without logical explanation, why 3-5 shots lose and 30-1 shots win almost everyday. That's a summary of the bad news.


I have been able to devise in The Logical Numbers Game-2000 a system that neutralizes these negative factors and, in fact puts them to work for you. It is designed to take you off those losing 3-5 shots and to put you on those winning 30-1 shots.

No longer do you have to worry about the medication, both legal and illegal a horse gets. No longer do you have to worry about a horse never getting any rest. No longer do you have to factor in the general incompetence of a high percentage of trainers.

LNG-2000 takes all these things into consideration in a formula and in such a manner as to guarantee your win percentage will sky-rocket, while everybody else's continues to go down. I guarantee it. You can take it to the bank.


It was no easy task to overcome these hidden negative factors - and they are absolutely hidden from public view - but I have done just that. For the first time ever, you will be able to look at a horse's past performance lines and handicap each race knowing LNG-2000 the horse selects for you is the horse that has the best chance to win the race.

Needless to say, I have worked for years to develop a system that (1) actually worked and (2) was easy to use. Without any fear of contradiction, I promise you LNG-2000 meets both of those requirements. This seven-step system finds the best, fastest and most logical horse in every single race.

It gets around another big issue facing bettors every single day - that of the favorite. As we just said, favorites win just one-third of the time, which means they lose 66% of the time. We also know that favorites usually pay 2-1 or less and that it is possible to make money betting on them - when they lose two thirds of the time.
LNG-2000 does not automatically rule out a favorite as the winner of a race, but test runs show the favorite is seldom the top-rated horse in each race. This fact alone opens the door to making serious money in a sport where the average winner pays 9-2, or $11.00.

It took years to develop LNG-2000, which began as my personal research project to determine, scientifically, what specific things made up the profile of a winning race horse. In the beginning of this study, some 120 elements were listed as potential pieces of a puzzle that might produce a winner, in the end, there were but seven.

Best of all, the seven basic things that make one horse win and another lose can all be reduced to a number that gives one the most likely winner of every single race. And the prices will sometimes be of the boxcar variety.


Repeated trial runs with LNG-2000 consistently showed profits at every major race track in the country - doubling and tripling my bankroll each week at several of them. But that was still not enough for me. It is one thing to talk the talk, and quite another to walk the walk.

Just as I had done IN my five years of proving one could make a living betting horses, I put LNG-2000 right before the public - although it did not know it - for the ultimate test: Would it work when put to a broad public test?

Unbeknown to my daily best bet telephone customers, I used LNG-2000 alone to pick their winners for a two-week run at Belmont Park. For the record, most of these people received my three top plays each day.

The results were wonderful - and quite profitable - despite the fact I battled thunderstorms, "off" tracks, races being taken off the turf, late scratches etc. But once the test began, I made the decision not to stop, despite the fact the weather had put a big obstacle in my way. Either this thing would work, or it would not.

When the two weeks were over, I had...

  • Made 37 bets, with 15 winners , 2 seconds and 7 thirds.
  • Made a 14-day profit of $2,920 or $208.57 per day for my $100 bettors. Over a 30 day period, this rate of return would translate into a monthly profit of $6,952.
  • Made a 14-day profit of $584, or $41.70 per day for my $20 bettors.
  • Over a 30-day period, this rate of return would translate into a monthly profit of $1.251.

Keep in mind this happened as I was challenged almost every single day by sudden storms and instant changes in track conditions. LNG-2000 horses marched right through it all on their way to the winner's circle and I know, had we not had to fight the weather, profits would have been even higher.


I never make it a secret to anybody that I am a died-in-the-wool win bettor. I know people love to bet the gimmicks - the exactas and the trifectas - but I have found betting the best horse in each race produces for me more profit than if I tried to select the best two horses in each race.

But just because I bet to win, does not mean LNG-2000 does not work for exactas and trifectas too.

On the weekend of Friday, June 23 to Sunday, June 25, I bet my top two exacta and trifecta plays at Belmont Park. Keep in mind, I was just betting two exactas and two trifectas-my highest rated plays - on those days. That was a total of 12 bests over the four days. For the experiment, I made $10 exacta boxes and $2 trifecta boxes. Here are some of the results.

Belmont Park

Friday, June 23
In the 5th race, I hit a $10 exacta with Blink Star and Fast Lover. It paid $25.80 for $2, which meant I got back $129 for my $10. I was blanked on the other three bets.

Saturday, June 24
In the 5th Race, I got the money in the 5th race with a $2 trifecta box of Strike Three, Rave Prize and Risen Warrior. It returned $431 - a nice score. I was blanked on my other three bets.

Saturday, June 25
In the 2nd race, I won my first bet of the day when I hit a $2 trifecta box with Lady in Waitin, Latifah and Saxon Violins. It paid $158.50 In the 9th race of the day, I went for both the exacta and trifecta and made the big score. Joe Joe Pace and Serazzo teamed up for a $49.80 exacta, while a $2 trifecta ticket on those two horses, plus Nasty Knight, paid $268. My other exacta ran out, but for the day, the system produced a return of $675.50 for my $64 investment.

As I said, I am a straight win better, because that's what works for me. But you also can use LNG-2000 effectively with the gimmicks by boxing the top figure horse in each race.


I know LNG-2000 works and makes money and I want to prove it to you. I gave you two examples earlier in this letter of people running $100 into millions, so we know that it is possible to do that. I told you about The Computer Group which made $25 million betting football and basketball. I told you about the people I know who are making more than a million a year betting the horses.

Now, I am telling you this system will make money for you and that you'll enjoy every single minute of it. But I am not asking you to take my word for it - or to step in blindly without recourse. LNG-2000 sells for just $22.95 (including S&H) and I guarantee you that I will give you a 100% refund, if you will test the system for a month and show me it does not work. You don't even have to risk a penny to do that. Test it on paper in your own personal trial run. See for yourself what LNG-2000 does at the track of your choice.

You will see for yourself that it doubles and triples your money every week and every month. I am offering you the key to making a fortune at the race track and telling you are not risking a single penny to do it. This is your opportunity to buy into the American Dream and make serious money doing something you will enjoy. Again, the risk is all mine.

Order LNG-2000 now by credit card and I'll ship it to you the same day by Priority Mail.

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Let me show you how to make serious money at the track, with consistency and in a manner that will permit you to double and triple your money every single week and month.

This is it, my friends and fellow horse players. Let me hear from you today.

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