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My Personal Best Baseball Club For Big Bettors Scores With Stunning National League Win

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An Early Look At The NFL Super Bowl Odds


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It’s never too early to talk a little football and it’s never too early to think about betting football, with the futures market in swing as we move closer to the summer months. Below is a general outline of the NFL Super Bowl odds with pertinent thoughts on each group of teams.

Keep in mind that these prices tell us more than just what meets the eye—they’re also indicators of how teams will be treated by Las Vegas in the early weeks of the season and where value may lie on a game-to-game basis.

New England Patriots: 18-5

In addition to the best coach and best quarterback, the Patriots get the best tight end in the league back healthy. They have the best backup quarterback. They have an outstanding defense. It’s going to take intense handicapping to find value spots on New England.

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The Washington Nationals World Series Odds


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The Washington Nationals are rolling, with a 28-18 record and a lead of 7.5 games in a weak NL East. The Nats are sitting at a 10-1 price to win the World Series in October. Is now too early to jump on that price or is this is as good as it will get for the Nats? And in either case, are they good enough to cash it in?

The first question is perhaps the easiest to answer. While I won’t literally say the price will not go higher than 10-1 if the Nats slump, it’s hard to see the value getting a whole lot better. The Nats are not being challenged in their division—the Mets are in disarray with injuries and some internal problems. In the National League overall, Washington is still not considered in a class with the Chicago Cubs. It’s more likely the Nats move closer to the Cubs in price than further away.

So that leaves the next question—are they good enough? The lineup is blasting baseballs all over the Beltway. Bryce Harper is on a quest for another MVP award, with a stat line of .450 on-base percentage/.673 slugging percentage. Ryan Zimmerman is at .401/.699.

Harper and Zimmerman get plenty of help, ranging from Daniel Murphy (.373/.554) to Anthony Rendon (.380/.516) to Jayson Werth (.387/.460) to Matt Wieters (.357/.440). Unsurprisingly, this lineup leads the National League in runs scored.

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NBA notebook: Turkey has arrest warrant out for Thunder's Kanter

The Turkish government has issued an arrest warrant for Oklahoma City Thunder center Enes Kanter, accusing him of being a member of a "terror group," according to pro-government newspaper Daily Sabah.

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Musgrove dazzles as Astros blank Orioles

HOUSTON -- While ascending through the minors, Houston Astros right-hander Joe Musgrove cultivated a reputation for pitching with energy and efficiency, qualities that have occasionally escaped him during his time in the big leagues.