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50-Unit Baseball Game Of Week Wins Tonight
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Will This Nationally Televised NBA Playoff Game Be A Repeat Of Boston’s Win Last Night Even Though Celtics Were In Same Hopeless Spot? I have the answer.

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Cleveland Cracks First


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In the cross-country battle that’s being waged by the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors as they head towards the NBA Finals, it was the Cavaliers who cracked first. With both teams having won their first ten games of the postseason, Golden State held serve on the road in Game 3 at San Antonio, but Cleveland could not do the same on their home floor against Boston last night. The Cavs coughed up a 21-point lead and lost 111-108, a game they were a (-16.5) favorite.

No one is under any illusion that this is going to slow Cleveland’s march to the Finals, but that doesn’t mean we can just dismiss it as an embarrassment. Basketball bettors have been preparing for the anticipated Warriors-Cavs Finals matchup all season and information gathered now matters a great deal. So, was last night’s lost just a little embarrassing hiccup or is it a sign that the Cavs are clearly not in Golden State’s class?

Critics of the Cavaliers will point to the supposedly easier road that they’ve had in the Eastern Conference. While no one can dispute that the West is, top-to-bottom, the superior conference, Golden State’s playoff road has not been harder than Cleveland’s.

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The Milwaukee Brewers Surprise The Market


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In a season of pleasant surprises in major league baseball, the Milwaukee Brewers are certainly near the top of the list. The money standings bear that out—the Brewers have netted a $1,090 profit for the season, a figure that’s second only to the Colorado Rockies. That’s an impressive profit margin by any standard and even more so when the actual W-L record on the field is a good-but-not-great 25-19.

It’s enough to have the Brewers in first place, holding slim leads on teams vastly more accomplished and respected in the betting market in the Cardinals and Cubs. It will come as no surprise to learn that the market isn’t ready to consider Milwaukee a legit contender in the NL Central—Chicago remains the heavy 1-4 favorite, with St. Louis at 3-1. What is at least noteworthy is that the Brewers’ price of 20-1 keeps them much closer to the Reds (25-1) and Pirates (35-1).

That essentially tells us that Las Vegas doesn’t see this Milwaukee team a whole lot differently than at the start of the year. That lack of respect is going to show up in moneylines on a nightly basis, which means that as baseball handicappers we have to make a hard-nosed assessment of whether the market is right.

The case against the Brewers might run thusly—they’re offensive production is being driven mostly by players who have next to no major league track record. Before this year had anyone heard of Eric Thames (.429 on-base percentage/.664 slugging percentage), a 30-year-old first baseman who had spent the last five years in the minor leagues? Certainly no one who had heard of him thought he’d be an MVP candidate as the calendar approaches Memorial Day.

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Thunder's Kanter wants to be U.S. citizen, getting death threats

Oklahoma City Thunder center Enes Kanter, who was detained in Romania over the weekend after his passport was revoked apparently stemming from his political views regarding his native Turkey, said he wants to become an American citizen and revealed he is receiving death threats.

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Mariners' Bergman to start opener at Nationals

WASHINGTON -- It is amazing what leaving Denver can do for pitchers and their confidence, not to mention their ERAs.