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Home Page 11/18/2017 by Kelso Sturgeon

How Sharps are Betting Week 11 NFL


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The Pittsburgh Steelers solidified their spot atop the AFC seedings race with a big Thursday Night win over the Tennessee Titans. Pittsburgh entered the week tied with New England for the best conference record, but will get the Patriots at home in a few weeks. Let's see how sharps have been betting the rest of this weekend's NFL ticket. As always, games are presented in Nevada Rotation order.

Detroit at Chicago: Nothing happening on the team side, as Detroit is still a solid -3 everywhere as a road favorite. Sharps would fade any move off the key number. Tougher to like the Bears now after they played poorly vs. Green Bay last Sunday, a team Detroit dominated the prior Monday. I would expect this line to stay solid through the weekend. The opening total of 44 did come down to 41. Might be some weather issues. But, that's way too high a total for these two offensive styles...so the quants pounded the Under before even worrying about the weather.

Kansas City at the NY Giants: A tall opener of Kansas City -12.5 has been bet down to -10.5. Some syndicates keep betting the Giants during this recent collapse. They've been regretting that approach since cashing vs. Denver. Kansas City peaked in September, but still has the horses to win big if the Giants once again no-show the game. Let's see what the public does Sunday morning. Sharps like the G-men at +10.5 or better.

Contributed Articles 11/15/2017 by Kelso Sturgeon

Kelso Advanced Sports Betting: Lessons From Buffalo Benching Taylor


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Wednesday morning Las Vegas time, Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott announced that he was benching starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor in favor of backup quarterback Nathan Peterman. While that might seem harsh to many of you, given how great the Bills looked a few weeks ago when beating the Oakland Raiders 34-14, it's at least a sign that Buffalo has a sense of urgency about THIS season.

If you've been watching a lot of NFL lately, you've noted that many teams have lacked that urgency. Some teams even seem to be losing on purpose to position themselves for next year's draft (Cleveland, again) or to get their head coach fired (NY Giants). This past Monday night, neither Miami nor Carolina played any defense in the second half. Carolina's a playoff team! But, even good teams start pacing themselves if they have a big lead.

Today's lesson in my College of Advanced Sports Betting is about the importance of recognizing whether or not teams are playing with a sense of purpose. I think McDermott made that move because he saw his team give up last week when they fell behind New Orleans. They lost the second half 30-7, and allowed almost 300 rushing yards. That shouldn't happen AT HOME to a playoff contender. He graded his team an "F" and realized something had to be done.

Your homework is to go through the NFL team-by-team and give everybody a grade for whether or not they've been playing with a sense of urgency lately. This simple act by itself will help talk you out of those "value" underdogs that sharps supposedly get rich betting. Nobody's getting rich betting on Cleveland this year (again). Nobody's getting rich backing the Giants.

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