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Kelso Thursday MLB Best Bets - On an 11-5 Run
My popular Best Bets Baseball Club has gone 11-5 the past week and four of those winners were underdogs, the rest modestly price favorites.
Kelso 25-Unit Baseball Total Of Week
There are times during the baseball season when one of the best bets on the board is a play on the total and we have just such a game today

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Welcome to the modern-day world of the NBA where the "one-and-done" players continue to flood their way into the league ... in fact, most of the top 10 projected picks here were one-year collegians but will any/many of them be big hits right from the start?

Now, our NBA Mock Draft lets you know who's going where and we've sprinkled in a couple of potential deals to further liven up the evening in Brooklyn:

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MLB Markets Still Slow to React


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MLB Markets Still Slow to React

I wanted to pop in to talk some baseball before the month of June got away from us. Thanks so much to all of you who read the NBA Playoff reports. To me, the biggest story right now in the baseball markets involves how slow oddsmakers and sharps have been to recognize new levels of performance.

I'm currently on a 12-6 run in baseball. The team I've won most often with in that stretch is the Colorado Rockies. This is a very good team that has significantly improved its pitching staff. The market keeps pricing them like a .500 caliber team (now slightly better than that) even though the Rockies established early that they were a legitimate playoff contender. It's now almost July, and the prices still haven't caught up in my view.

Wednesday night I won with Houston on the road in Oakland. It's true that Houston can be expensive AT HOME when one of their best pitchers is on the mound. But, this team is now 24-8 on the road! This is a juggernaut led by a great offense, and they are going to win a lot of games no matter who's on the mound for them. It's always been true that baseball lines are overly influenced by the reputation of the starting pitcher, and not influenced enough by the quality of each team's offense. Sharps usually take advantage of this...but even the Wise Guys aren't doing that enough in Astros road games.

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Angels erase early deficit against Yankees

NEW YORK -- Albert Pujols began a big comeback for the Los Angeles Angels with a third-inning RBI single and delivered the go-ahead hit with a seventh-inning RBI single Thursday night as the Angels routed the reeling New York Yankees 10-5 at Yankee Stadium.

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NFL notebook: Carr agrees to five-year, $125 million deal

Quarterback Derek Carr took to social media on Thursday to announce that he has finalized a contract extension with the Oakland Raiders.