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When the Quarterback is not a Playmaker


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For years and years, I've been emphasizing the importance of focusing on PLAYMAKERS and GAMEBREAKERS when you handicap games. In the NFL, that's traditionally meant placing a top priority on the quarterback position. In this Sunday's conference championship games, that's going to be a little tricky.

Sure, Tom Brady of the New England Patriots is one of the greatest to ever play the position. And, he came through for us last week, as my top selection was on the Pats (-) over Tennessee in a 35-14 blowout that was 35-7 until a late garbage time TD. But, the other three QBs on the field this week have question marks surrounding them in terms of true championship moxie.

BLAKE BORTLES of Jacksonville is just as likely to make a big play for his opponent as he is for the Jaguars! He only completed 14 passes in the upset of Pittsburgh last week. The Jags won because of a great rushing attack and a defense that scored a touchdown on his own. Entering the season, he was about the least likely "veteran" starting quarterback you could imagine reaching the Super Bowl.

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How Sharps are Betting the NFL Conference Championships


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We're down to the final four in the NFL Playoffs. And, what a week it's been in the betting markets! I can't ever recall a situation quite like this...where the most important player in the league suffers a weird injury in practice midweek...in a game where the line was already troublesome for sports books because it was right on the edge of the teaser window.

Let's jump right in. There's a lot to talk about considering there are only two games...

Jacksonville at New England: An opener of New England -9 has come down to -7.5 (and -7 in some spots offshore) because of the hand injury suffered by Tom Brady. Before the injury, the line was in a precarious spot anyway. Sharps were going to bet Jacksonville at +9 or better depending on how high the public drove the number. If the game came down to 8.5 for any reason, that would open the door for sharps to bet New England -2.5 in teasers. You regulars know that the Wise Guys LOVE betting any team in six-point teasers where you can move the line across both the 7 and the 3.

Now, with the injury, those teasers are very much in play, but may be a horrible risk if Brady can't go, or is too injured to play well. The Pats could definitely lose straight up (or only win by a point) in a way that kills teasers. What if you bet the Pats in a teaser today, then Brady is scratched in favor of Brian Hoyer?

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Foles, Eagles fly into Super Bowl, rout Vikings 38-7

PHILADELPHIA (AP) Hey Philly, maybe it's time to forget Carson Wentz. Nick Foles might be good enough to win the Eagles their first Super Bowl.

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Former FCS players have Super Bowl spotlight

(STATS) - Super Bowl LII offers quite the stage for a number of former New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles who played at FCS schools.