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NBA Draft Recap


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Let's start off by saying that we won't at all be surprised four or five years from now when folks are calling Kentucky point guard De'Aaron Fox the best player to come out of this man's draft - and not top draftee G Markelle Fultz. Sure, we heard the comment on draft day that Philadelphia 76ers-bound Fultz was on his own "tier" as compared to these other rookies but we're just not buying it and so Sacramento's heady move to draft Fox - and resist trading this #5 overall pick despite fielding lots of inquiries - goes down as the headiest move of the night.

We also liked the following: Going against the grain here but kudos to the Chicago Bulls for dealing away G Jimmy Butler to Minnesota and winding up with Arizona F/C Lauri Markkanen along with former Timberwolves Kris Dunn and Zach LaVine. Keep in mind the Bulls were a dysfunctional team in large part because of Butler in 2016-17 and they needed a major infusion of fresh/young blood and Markkanen, Dunn and LaVine was a great haul ...

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MLB Markets Still Slow to React


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MLB Markets Still Slow to React

I wanted to pop in to talk some baseball before the month of June got away from us. Thanks so much to all of you who read the NBA Playoff reports. To me, the biggest story right now in the baseball markets involves how slow oddsmakers and sharps have been to recognize new levels of performance.

I'm currently on a 12-6 run in baseball. The team I've won most often with in that stretch is the Colorado Rockies. This is a very good team that has significantly improved its pitching staff. The market keeps pricing them like a .500 caliber team (now slightly better than that) even though the Rockies established early that they were a legitimate playoff contender. It's now almost July, and the prices still haven't caught up in my view.

Wednesday night I won with Houston on the road in Oakland. It's true that Houston can be expensive AT HOME when one of their best pitchers is on the mound. But, this team is now 24-8 on the road! This is a juggernaut led by a great offense, and they are going to win a lot of games no matter who's on the mound for them. It's always been true that baseball lines are overly influenced by the reputation of the starting pitcher, and not influenced enough by the quality of each team's offense. Sharps usually take advantage of this...but even the Wise Guys aren't doing that enough in Astros road games.

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McCarthy, Anderson get nods as Dodgers host Rockies

LOS ANGELES -- The Los Angeles Dodgers do not have a pitching fountain of youth, but the club clearly has a mountain of physical therapists.

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NFL Note - Minnesota Vikings Floyd, Michael

WR Michael Floyd's defense that kombucha tea caused him to violate terms of his house arrest by accidentally ingesting alcohol has the support of his team. Vikings chief operating officer Kevin Warren wrote a letter backing Floyd's claim that he did not know kombucha tea contains alcohol, according to Brian Murphy of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Warren sent the letter to Floyd's attorney, Robert Feinberg, who attached it to a defense motion urging Scottsdale (Ariz.) City Judge Statia Hendrix to cancel the hearing and reinstate electronic monitoring for the last five days of Floyd's 96-day home confinement. According to the newspaper, Warren's letter corroborates Floyd's claim that he was unaware kombucha tea contained alcohol when he drank several bottles while watching movies into the early morning of June 11. Floyd, 27, later failed three self-administered Breathalyzer tests and was ordered by the Scottsdale judge to appear Monday and prove he did not violate probation from his February extreme DUI conviction. The violation could land Floyd back in jail.