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Kelso Sturgeon’s DEAN’S LIST

It’s what happens when Kelso Sturgeon joins forces with the smartest oddsmakers in Las Vegas and the offshores to find games so certain to win, everyone is "Bet Your Limit!"

I have just assembled an all-star cast - a true Dean’s List - of the top TOP oddsmakers and betting sharps in Vegas and the offshores. If they gave out report cards for sharp bookmaking and money management, every member of this all-star team would rate a Triple A! As oddsmakers, they know where the line should be. So as bettors they know how to get the money!

I’m talking about a kind of CONSENSUS pick where ALL the very brightest minds zero in on THE ONE game that MUST win! AND THEY KNOW! As oddsmakers, tracking the computer boys, the wise guy action, the early and late moves, they HAVE to make sharp lines... Too many mistakes and they are OUT! They have to be sure their house is on the right side of the money.

When we get together to canvas the boards, we want the ONE game that EVERYBODY agrees must win. If it’s not 100% we don’t release it!

Here’s the deal

  • Starting today you will receive the top plays of the Kelso Sturgeon Dean’s List of oddsmakers and betting sharps.
  • Games include college as well as the NBA.
  • Includes the College Conference Tournaments (ACC, Big Ten, SEC, ACC, AAC, Big 12, PAC 12 C- USA, MAC) through March 12th and includes Conference Championship games.
  • You will receive picks for all six rounds of the NCAA Big Dance, including the Sweet Sixteen, Final Four and the Championship game on Monday, April 3.
  • You can expect the same selections being wagered on by the most knowledgeable and money-smart operatives on BOTH sides of the counter - games so certain: every game is "bet your limit!"

So this is not a deal you have to second guess a whole lot. But I’m here to address your concerns and get you the money!

SO CALL OR TEXT ME RIGHT NOW AT 1-702-203-6907 or 1-800-755-2255


Kelso Sturgeon

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Winning With Power Of Basketball Bounce Element


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There Are Just Five Basic Rules To Being A Successful College And NBA Basketball Handicapper

Understanding And Winning With Bounce Factor

50-Unit Triple Power Play Game Of Week Wins Tonight

By Kelso Sturgeon

I have spent so much time handicapping over the past two months I have neglected the one thing I love to do and that is to write articles and columns that teach others how to be better/sharper handicappers. That is what I will be doing over the rest of the basketball season.

It goes without saying I am very opinionated about how to successfully handicap and win money and make no apology for it. My closed mind offends many when I reject their advice - as their thoughts are to me are so far removed from what this game is all about - they belong in a book of fairy tales. Sorry but that is how I feel.

Contributed Articles 2/15/2017 by Kelso Sturgeon

Don’t Hand James Harden The NBA MVP Just Yet


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James Harden has pulled out to a decisive lead in the race to be NBA MVP, at least if we measure the race by the sentiments of the betting market. Harden is the (-110) favorite, having surpassed Russell Westbrook, who now sits at (+125). There may be money to made in this race for the NBA’s highest individual honor.

Make no mistake—if the season ends today, Harden is a slam-dunk choice for MVP. He’s averaging 29ppg. That’s impressive enough on its face, but it’s also expected from Harden. What hasn’t been expected is the improved rebounding he’s offered from the two-guard spot—his eight boards a game are a career-high.

And what really wasn’t expected was Harden’s newfound willingness to share the basketball. He now averages 11 assists per game, a huge increase over last year’s 7.5, which was in of itself a career high. The burden of being a ballhog, which has trailed Harden through his pro career, is something that lurks in the background of his MVP candidacy. At least for now, he’s embraced the idea of passing the ball as well as he shoots it.

These dazzling individual numbers come in conjunction with Houston’s 40-17 record. They sit in the 3-spot in the East and are virtually neck-and-neck with the Cleveland Cavaliers for the third-best record in the league overall.

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Foster powers No. 20 Creighton past Georgetown

OMAHA, Neb. -- Creighton avenged its biggest defeat of the season Sunday with an 87-70 Big East Conference basketball victory over Georgetown.

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Jimmer scores 73 in China league game

Jimmer Fredette, a former NBA first-round pick who struggled to make an impact in the league, scored 73 points in a Chinese Basketball Association game on Sunday night.