• Kelso 2015 NBA Playoffs

    I Buried Bookmakers Through The Entire NBA Regular Season And Will Do Even Better In the Playoffs. It Should Be Easy For Modest Bettors To Win $1,500 And Highrollers $15,000 During Playoffs
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  • Chairmans MLB Goes for 4th Straaight Win Monday

    My Chairman’s Baseball Investment Club won again yesterday, this time with under Baltimore (+130) which won at Boston, 8-3, for its third consecutive 25-unit winner and is coming back tonight with another one, confident it will win its fourth in a row.
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  • 3-1 To Start Playoffs and Going for 2-0 Monday

    I went 2-0 in the NBA Playoffs Sunday, winning a 50-unit play with the Cleveland Cavaliers and a 10-unit play with the Los Angeles Clippers, and I am coming right back tonight with another 2-0 sweep
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HOME PAGE 4/15/2015 by Kelso Sturgeon

Hit A Home Run This Baseball Season


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Hit A Home Run This Season
Kelso Sturgeon's "Winning Baseball Menu"


It is no accident Major League Baseball is the favorite sport of almost all the highrollers of the world - and I mean the "world" Betting American baseball is so popular in the Asian countries it is the only sport other than horse racing, soccer and cricket bookmakers handle.

Its world-wide popularity comes from the fact one has only to win the game to win the bet. There are no point spreads involved and all wagers are offered on a money line basis. For instance, let us say the favored Chicago Cubs are playing the Cincinnati Reds and that the Cubs are a -140 on the money line. That means, if you bet the Cubs, you must lay $140 to win $100, or $14 to win $10. If you like the underdog Reds, who are +130, you will have to bet $100 to win $130. It is as simple as that.

Contributed Articles 4/20/2015 by Kelso Sturgeon

NBA First Round May be One-Sided


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Kelso's Advanced Sports Betting: NBA First Round May be One-Sided

If the opening weekend of the 2015 NBA Playoffs is any indication, handicappers and sports bettors may be in for some very one-sided first round series that lack drama and intensity. It's dangerous to draw conclusions from just one game. But, when that one game is consistent with issues that had been present prior to the postseason...then you can draw safer conclusions.

Some quick examples:

  • BROOKLYN isn't a playoff caliber team by traditional standards. If you're #8 in the East, you're pretty bad! Even while covering a spread, they didn't look at all like a team that was ready to scare Atlanta. The Hawks were very sluggish down the stretch while coasting to a non-cover win.
  • BOSTON isn't a playoff caliber team either. Great bunch of kids who are going to hustle their butts off. But, in a normal season, they'd already be on vacation and thinking about next year. They can hang with the Cavs for spurts when their three-pointers are falling. Otherwise, they're not a real threat unless LeBron James or Kyrie Irving get hurt.
  • MILWAUKEE's inexperience and lack of offense was a huge problem in their opener against Chicago. They're not a playoff caliber team either by traditional standards, and their particular weaknesses are even a bigger issue in playoff-style basketball. They may have a moment or two in this series...but the Bulls will have to fall back for things to get truly interesting.
  • DALLAS was in awful form down the stretch by Western Conference standards. There's no chemistry on the team. Dirk's age is really showing on defense. Rajon Rondo was a gamble that didn't work. Can they play a solid 48-minute game more than once in their matchup with Houston?
  • PORTLAND has been decimated by injuries, and didn't look like a team that can win four games in the next six from Memphis. Too bad...because the Blazers deserved better luck. You have to play with whoever suits up. Tough draw in a killer conference.
  • NEW ORLEANS impressed me Saturday with their come-from-way-behind effort. But, they're just flat overmatched by the outstanding Golden State Warriors. You can't really point to a glaring negative with the Pelicans, outside of inexperience. This isn't a team that's imploding before our eyes or anything. But, can they make this a truly compelling series? For now, that's unlikely.
Exclusive Coverage of all NBA 4/21/2015

Thompson, Warriors battle past Pelicans for 2-0 series lead

Oakland, CA (SportsNetwork.com) - Klay Thompson scored 14 of his 26 points in the fourth quarter to help the Golden State Warriors to a 97-87 win and a 2-0 Western Conference quarterfinal series lead over the New Orleans Pelicans.

Exclusive Coverage of all MLB 4/21/2015

Padres pound Rockies

Denver, CO (SportsNetwork.com) - Matt Kemp had three hits, four RBI and three runs scored as the San Diego Padres defeated the Colorado Rockies 14-3 in the opener of a four-game set.