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HOME PAGE 5/27/2015 by Kelso Sturgeon

It Was Perfect 3-0 Wednesday With 3 Underdog Winners


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It Was Perfect 3-0 Wednesday With 3 Underdog Winners
50-Unit Winner: Giants (+115) 3, Brewers 1
25-Unit Winner: White Sox (+115) 5, Blue Jays 3
15-Unit Winner: Twins (+105) 6, Red Sox 4

Highrollers Still Destroying Bookmakers Last 3 Days...50-Unit Underdog Winner, 100-Unit 2-Team Parlay Winner, 100-Unit Winner

Another 50-Unit Highroller Baseball PlaySet To Win In Dominating Style Thursday Night

Ohio State Solid 3-1 Favorite To Win Back-To-Back National Football Championship

By Kelso Sturgeon

The baseball winners just keep pouring in and nothing illustrates it more than yesterday when my clubs went 3-0 and every single winner was an underdog - 50 units on the Giants (+115) for my Personal Best Club for highrollers, 25 units on the Chicago White Sox (+115) for my Chairman's Club and 15 units on the Minnesota Twins (+105) for Best Bet Club Members.

The baseball winning continues tonight with the highlight be another 50-unit highroller winner as my Personal Best Investment Club, which has crushed bookmakers all season, gets it done again. As frequently noted, all highroller plays have a 95% chance to win. See details below.

An interesting side note to Wednesday's winners - all of which graded out as winners despite being underdogs. I was thrown off course a bit when the San Francisco Giants, who met the 95% rule, came up the underdog. I thoughts it was all a mistake and spent about 30 minutes on the phone calling bookmakers in the United States and offshore to confirm the number. It turned out Milwaukee was the favorite and was getting hit solidly with big bets.

I believe in my numbers and marched right in to cash that +115 ticket on an underdog that my analysis said had that 95% chance to win.

I want to introduce college football for the coming season. The season begins in 97 days and if you have not started analyzing the 123 teams on which we will be betting you are already behind schedule.

Defending Champion Ohio State Is 3-1 favorite To Win It All - 'Bama 7-1 2nd Choice, TCU 8-1

The up-to-date futures odds have Ohio State the solid 3-1 favorite, followed by 2nd choice Alabama at 7-1 and TCU at 8-1. Every other team is offered at double digits. To help get your started on handicapping 2015-16, here is a listing of just a few of the big games that will be played on Week I, plus current odds for all teams to win the title.

Big Games That Open College Football Season

Thursday, Sept. 3
Michigan at Utah
North Carolina at South Carolina
TCU at Minnesota

Friday, Sept. 4
Washington at Boise State

Saturday, Sept. 5
Louisville at Auburn
Arizona State at Texas A&M
BYU at Nebraska
Texas at Notre Dame
Wisconsin at Alabama

Odds To Win College Championship - Teams Listed Alphabetically

TeamOpening OddsCurrent Odds
Arizona State100-160-1
Boise State300-1200-1
Florida State30-115-1
Georgia Tech60-1100-1
Kansas State200-1100-1
Michigan State20-125-1
Mississippi State30-160-1
North Carolina300-1300-1
N.C. State500-1500-1
Notre Dame30-125-1
Ohio State9-23-1
Oklahoma State100-150-1
Oregon State500-1500-1
Penn State100-1100-1
South Carolina100-1100-1
Texas A&M100-175-1
Virginia Tech100-1100-1
West Virginia100-1300-1
FIELD - All The Rest75-175-1

50-Unit Baseball Power Play Puts Highrollers In Winner's Circle Again Tonight
My Personal Best Baseball Investment Club continues to win at the highest level of the betting spectrum and nothing illustrates that more than the fact it is undefeated with its big game plays just this week.
Wednesday...50 Units...Giants (+115) 5, Brewers 3 (Won)

Tuesday...100-Unit 2-Team Parlay
40 Units...Giants (-140) 6, Brewers 3 (Won)
40 Units...Cardinals (-164) 6, Diamondbacks 4 (Won)
20 Units...Parlay Of Giants-Cards (Won)

Monday...100 Units...Angels (-134) 4, Padres 3 (Won)

Tonight's baseball schedule is limited but I still found another team that has a 95% chance to win and am releasing it as a 50-unit power play, again looking for the knockout win. Get all the cash with this one for just $25, charged to your major credit card. Better yet, get on board for the entire baseball season for a modest price and play every day right through the Word Series. Get all the details on this website or toll free at my office, 1-800-755-2255.

Chairman's Baseball Club 6-2 Last 8 Days With Its 25-Unit Plays And Goes For An Underdog Tonight
My Chairman's Club got the money again yesterday with a 25-unit play on the underdog Chicago White Sox (+115) with its 5-3 win over the Toronto Blue Jays, leaving the club 6-2 over the past 8 days. I have found another underdog on tonight's schedule that grades out a big winner and I am releasing it as another 25-unit play. Win this one for just $20, charged to your major credit card, and remember club members also receive all Best Bets Club plays. You can get all the details and sign up for my Chairman's Club on this site or toll free at 1-800-755-2255.

Contributed Articles 5/29/2015 by Kelso Sturgeon

Kelso’s Advanced Sports Betting: The AL Central is Secretly Strong


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The mainstream media has done a very poor job in recent years in terms of keeping fans really up-to-day with what’s happening in Major League Baseball. The emphasis is still too much on the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. If neither of those teams is particularly great, then ESPN and their competitors just move onto something else. Baseball only MATTERS in their minds if the Yankees or Red Sox are doing something…or if there’s some dramatic soap opera involving key players on those teams.

As a result, many casual fans…and too many of you regulars here in my College of Advanced Sports Betting and Handicapping…are unaware of how well the American League CENTRAL division is playing this season. That should be obvious from the standings. But, too many people rely on reputation rather than performance when thinking about sports betting.

Exclusive Coverage of all NBA 5/29/2015

Magic tab Skiles as head coach

Orlando, FL (SportsNetwork.com) - Scott Skiles' best seasons as an NBA player came with the Orlando Magic. The former point guard will now try to restore the struggling franchise back to glory as its new head coach.

Exclusive Coverage of all MLB 5/30/2015

A's try to clinch home series with Yankees

(SportsNetwork.com) - The suddenly-surging Oakland Athletics hope to clinch their first home series win of the season as they take on the New York Yankees in the third stanza of a four-game set at O.co Coliseum.