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Kelso Sturgeon has been a professional handicapper for 40 years and has a deep understanding of all facets of the game, be it football, basketball, baseball or horse racing. He’s worked as a football scout in the SEC and studied under Hall of Fame coaches like Alabama’s Bear Bryant, winner of five national titles and Hank Stram of the Kansas City Chiefs, who won the 1970 Super Bowl. He’s been a Regional Sports Editor for the Associated Press, worked as a successful jockey agent and authored several books teaching people how to be a handicapper, including the bestseller, THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO SPORTS BETTING. Kelso also understands that to be a successful handicapper means knowing the business of gambling, and to that end he is personal friends with most of the big linesmakers in Las Vegas and gets the daily scoop on what is happening on the other side of the counter. There is no one better qualifed to be your personal handicapper than Kelso Sturgeon.

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90% Of All Edges In Handicapping College Basketball Is in Colleges


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St. Valentine's Package Begins With 50-Unit Winner Thursday as Montana (-19) beats Southern Utah 86-53
And Closes 7 Days Later
With Another Winning 150-Unit 2-Team Parlay

Oklahoma (20-3) Heads My Top 15 RankingsThat Also Include Wichita State (18-6) And Texas (16-8)

IUPU-Ft. Wayne Tops List Of 8 College Teams Covering At Least 71% Of the Time
VMI Covers 20% Of The Time And Leads A List of 21 Teams That Will Burn Your Money

Wichita State (-17.5) Crushes Drake 74-48 Pushing Highrollers 3-Week Record To 12-3 - 80% Winners And Another One Cashes Thursday

By Kelso Sturgeon

Handicapping college basketball has always been a challenge exceeded only by trying to analyze the National Basketball Association. The basic performance factor in the colleges is the fact these teams come to play each night and make an effort to win each night. Not so, the NBA.

My success in consistently beating college basketball, especially with my highroller plays with which I am on a 12-3 the past three weeks, is based on the predictable and consistent play of teams, whether they are good teams on which one bets, or weak teams one bets against. If a bettor approached the NBA on that basis, he or she would go broke in a hurry.

Contributed Articles 2/12/2016 by Kelso Sturgeon

Taking the End Game Out of the Mix


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Kelso's Advanced Sports Betting: Taking the End Game Out of the Mix

There are two things that have really jumped out at me after watching college basketball through the bulk of the 2015-16 season. First, there's so much relative parity that we naturally get a lot of very close games. Second, college kids have no idea how to win close games!

Night after night...game after game...you see one-possession games go right down to the final buzzer. Typically, the team that has the ball last MISSES their shot. That either leads to a loss because they were down by 1 or 2 points...or overtime because the game was tied. The occasional buzzer beater victories get shown over and over again because they're so rare!

Exclusive Coverage of all College Basketball 2/13/2016

Texas Tech-Baylor Preview

Baylor's season was taking a serious hit with a five-game span of questionable defense, but its latest victory showed promise.

Exclusive Coverage of all NBA 2/13/2016

Seeking a Splash: Klay goes for All-Star 3s upset of Curry

TORONTO (AP) Klay Thompson believes, even if he knows many don't.